TitleFlex End User & Admin Guides

The TitleFlex End User and Admin Quick Reference Guides are designed to be task centric and concise informational guides on using TitleFlex. Below is a list of downloadable PDF files for your convenience.


  • DataTrace MarketView User Guide
    Nationwide search and flexible delivery options for instant market insights. 
  • Proximity Searches Guide
    The Proximity search is designed to retrieve a desired quantity of properties in a radius around a subject property. It is accessed on the Subject Property tab.
  • Using the Interactive Map
    The map contains a wealth of features to locate and build farms, gather information about a property, or the area around the property. Using the map, a user can quickly generate mailing lists or sets of packages for customers.
  • Basic Farming Guide
    TItleFlex includes an Advanced Search feature designed to support Farms. Farms can be saved to specific Customers for quick and easy re-use when that Customer calls. Once saved, they can be modified and re-saved to incorporate updates from the Customer.
  • Filter Catalog
    TitleFlex has a comprehensive filter functionality that allows clients to create custom searches for mailing lists and farms. This guide will provide details on how each filter works as well as functionality tips within the advanced filters.
  • Using Location Filters
    The advanced search features include several special location search options you can use to tailor your farm to very specific specialized areas.
  • Creating Export Templates
    Exporting data from your TitleFlex list provides you with unlimited flexibility for merging your information into custom mail merge, your own multi-line reports, or for use in analytics.
  • Importing Farms
    The import farm feature allows the Title Customer Services Representative to upload a list of properties provided by their customer and quickly create a saved farm from that list. This greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to create a farm from a list of specific addresses or APNs.
  • Managing Farms
    This document covers saving, renaming, and deleting farms and the different export options available.


  • Creating and Managing Customers and Customer Packages
    TitleFlex includes a Customer Center feature that allows you to manage customer contact information, save their favorite packages and farms, import their farms, and keep notes and interaction information. Using the Center, you can keep all your customers at your fingertips and all their favorite farms and packages quickly accessible.
  • Creating Cover Pages
    The Company Administration features include managing your company packages, cover pages for farms and packages, logos, sales reps and tracking customer order history.

Finding Documents

  • Retrieving Documents
    Document images can be retrieved through several methods. Depending upon your needs, you can access the Last Transfer and Finance document, order documents by document number, or through reports. This includes Abstractor Services.
  • FlexSearch
    Using FlexSearch, documents can be searched for a word, phrase, number, title, etc, and the relevant document retrieved and ordered. Since FlexSearch is looking at the characters, it is not saddled with a mandatory geographic filter requirement. FlexSearch provides two ways for your to query documents: Standard and Advanced Search.

Finding Documents

  • User Settings
    This how to guide covers configuring the default user preferences and settings in TitleFlex and includes topics such as report options, notification emails, cover pages and usage statistics. Remember that these are user specific settings and do not change the settings for the company.
  • Browser Settings
    The three most common browsers are included in this guide, with instructions on how to set them up for best performance for TitleFlex. Additionally, learn how to retrieve your password or username.
  • End User Guide
    This User Guide will provide you with some basic steps for getting started quickly in TitleFlex.
  • Company Administration Guide
    This manual covers information available only to Company Administrators or Group Managers.
  • Delegated User
    The Account Admin can create external users, provision and limit the users, organize them into groups and manage the users just as they can manage employee users. This manual will cover the Account Administrator’s role in setting up external users and the external users’ experience.

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