TitleFlex End User & Admin Guides

The TitleFlex End User and Admin Quick Reference Guides are designed to be task centric and concise informational guides on using TitleFlex. Below is a list of downloadable PDF files for your convenience.

00 Quick Start Guide - Basic Functions

Use this QuickStart Guide to view how to: Conduct a Search, Order Reports and Documents, View Reports, Save, Print and Share, and find Live Chat and Support, if you need help.

01 Administrator Guide 

This guide is for client administrators and will cover managing your billing setup, checking usage, and user administration.

02 TitleFlex User Guide

TitleFlex is your single source for real estate research, farming, property profile generation and customer service– that helps you serve customers quickly and build continued loyalty.

03 Advanced Searches for Farming 

TitleFlex has a comprehensive filter functionality that allows clients to create custom searches for mailing lists and farms. This guide will provide details on how each filter works as well as functionality tips within the advanced filters.

04 Browser Settings for TitleFlex

For best performance, you will need to setup your browser with TitleFlex as a trusted site. Additionally, as the platform does use pop-ups, the browser will need to allow TitleFlex to use pop-ups.

05 Company Administration Packages and Cover Pages

The Company Administration features include managing your company packages, cover pages for farms and packages, logos, sales reps and tracking customer order history.

06 Creating and Managing Customers and Customer Packages

Add your customers to TitleFlex to track interactions and deliveries to them. You can create custom farms, cover pages, and packages for unique to each customer.

07 Creating Farming Export Templates

Exporting data from your TitleFlex list provides you with unlimited flexibility for merging your information into custom mail merge, your own multi-line reports, or for use in analytics.

08 Farming Basics Using the Map

Use the interactive map in TitleFlex to describe multiple, highly specific and geographically dissimilar locations to create custom farms. The map will also pull parcels that include multi-unit residences.

09 FlexSearch

TitleFlex allows every character to be searchable on every document and provides access to those documents through FlexSearch. Documents can be searched for a word, phrase, number, title, and many other criteria.

10 Foreclosure Information

Properties in the foreclosure process can be found by using the interactive map or through using the filters. Additionally, a Foreclosure Report is also available for individual properties.

11 Managing and Exporting Farms

This document covers saving, renaming, and deleting farms and the three different export options available. This guide includes details on saving and modifying farms, multiple reports, labels and exports.

12 Using the Open Lien Report

The Open Lien Report focuses specifically on the current owner’s open liens, the lien position, last market sale, property tax status and foreclosure status, if any.

13 Using the Property Detail Report

The Property Detail Report focuses primarily on the physical location and characteristics of a property. Information includes last and prior sales information, current owner conveyances, and county assessor tax information.

14 Proximity Searches

Use the Proximity search to retrieve a list of properties in a radius around a subject property that meet certain criteria. Common uses cases include mailing to homeowners near a listed property that might be interested in the property.

15 Document Retrieval

TitleFlex offers several options for retrieving documents. Depending upon your needs, you can access the Last Transfer and Finance document, order documents by document number, or through reports.

16 Sales Comparables

This Guide will cover how to modify the sales comparable report to meet your criteria. Additionally, it will cover how to create a sales comparable lists giving you additional control over what is in the final output.

17 Subdivision, Homeowner Association and School District Filters

This document covers how to use the following filter features: Subdivision Searches, Homeowners Association Name Searches, School District Searches, These filter options create a highly customized geography for your farm.

18 Using the Title Chain and Lien Report

This Guide will cover how to use the Title Chain and Lien report. This report takes advantage of the historical depth of First American Title Plants to provide users with additional research ability for hard-to-find documents.

19 Onboarding Customers in TitleFlex

This Sales Guide will focus on the required steps to bring a new customer online in TitleFlex along with the typical provisioning defaults from a Sales perspective.

20 Using the TotalView Report

This guide will provide an overview of the Total View Report. This report is designed to provide a comprehensive holistic look at a property and combines Public Record, Home Owners Association, Listing Information, Title Plants and Market Trends.

21 Using the Transaction History Reports

This document will provide an overview of the Transaction History Basic and Full Reports. This report provides a quick look at a property’s sales and mortgages only.

22 Configuring and Managing User Settings

This guide covers configuring the default user preferences and settings in TitleFlex and includes topics such as report options, notification emails, cover pages and usage statistics.

23 Ordering Property, Ownership, Encumbrance and Vesting reports for TitleFlex 

This document covers how to order property ownership, valuation, and appraisal reports thru TitleFlex.

24 Batch order reports and documents for lists of properties. 

This service provides the ability to upload a portfolio into TitleFlex and have TitleFlex find and return documents.

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