TitleFlex Enhancements

August 9, 2017

Posted by Justin Diemert on 8/9/17 12:00 AM

Key Enhancements

  • Two major enhancements
    • Flood data added to reports
    • Batch ordering from search results
  • Two major enhancements
  • Fifteen smaller new features/enhancements

Flood data has been added to Property Detail & Comparables Reports

  • Flood Zone Code, Flood Map #, Flood Map Date, Flood Panel #, Community Name and Inside SFHA have been added to the             Property Detail report
  • Flood Zone Code has been added to the Comparables report

Initiate a batch order from search results

  • A batch option has been added to the action bar in search results
  • This feature copies all selected properties in search results and places them in the batch order screen in Order Portal
  • This allows users to order any property data report via batch from search results 


Advanced Search Enhancements

  • A new filter has been added for postal carrier route
  • A “+” option was added to the Neighborhood Code filter, enabling entry of multiple neighborhood codes
  • The Corporate Owned filter in Advanced Search has been enhanced to target only corporate owned in addition to excluding corporate owned properties
  • A Seller Carry-back Option was added in the Mortgage Type filter in Advanced Search

Order Portal Enhancements

  • The County As of Date and report Run Date has been added to the batch output file
  • An option at the account level was added to include the report Disclaimer to each individual report in a batch
  • Field pre-validation was added to batch upload

Other General Enhancements

  • The PDF file size of Sales Comparables and Neighbors Reports has been reduced
  • The billing of the Foreclosure Export Add-on has been corrected, it will bill only for records with foreclosure data present
  • Centroid Latitude & Longitude was added to Property Characteristics and Property Detail Export packages
  • The main application report header has now been locked and will no longer hide when scrolling down the page
  • The FlexSearch link logic from subject property tab was improved to provide more accurate, relevant results
  • The True Legal & Vesting report was moved from Property Ownership (O&E) category to Property Data Reports in the main order panel and batch order tab in Order Portal
  • Single-click searching was added for properties from the Order History area of the Customer Contact screen  (TitleFlex only)
  • The maximum number of saved farms was raised per customer from 500 to 1000 (TitleFlex only)
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