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April 25, 2017

Posted by Justin Diemert on 4/24/18 5:10 PM

Key Enhancements

  • Revised Tax Status Report is Now Available
  • Filter Properties by the Number of Open Liens

Tax Status Report

We’ve recently completed an update to our tax data sources, and the revised Tax Status Report is available to order again in the Property Data Reports section. The Tax Status Report provides details on payment status of a parcel’s current-year real estate tax obligations and prior-year delinquencies. Tax information includes status, frequency, type and due dates. Also included are APN, legal description, Situs and mailing address.


Filter Properties by the Number of Open Liens

In the effort to constantly improve advanced searching capabilities, a Number of Open Liens filter has been added to Advanced Search.

This new filter helps users target properties that are “free and clear”, meaning there are no open mortgages, as well as properties with one, two, three or four mortgages.

This filter is a helpful tool for finding properties that have available equity or may benefit from consolidating loans.


Other Notable Enhancements

  • School and school district boundary overlays show at higher views in the map
  • FlexDocs tab section has been added to provide FlexSearch docs in the DataTree report workflow
  • FlexSearch document titles have been improved in the search results
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