TitleFlex Enhancements

August 29, 2018

Posted by Justin Diemert on 8/30/18 9:19 AM

Key Enhancements

This release of TitleFlex® delivers the below five key enhancements, along with 12 additional enhancements: 

• Saved Search Management
• Building Search Lists from Multiple Unique Addresses and APNs
• PACE Lien Report
• PACE Lien Advanced Search Filter
• PACE Lien Export Add-on Package
• Legal & Vesting

Saved Search Management
Advanced Searches can now be saved to a customizable folder structure and stored indefinitely.


Clicking on the Save Search link on the search results tab enables the search to be saved to a folder. 

Saved searches can be viewed and managed via the Saved Searches link in the top navigation menu. From there, searches can be launched, copied, moved to a different folder and deleted.

Searches can also be imported by uploading a .csv file list of properties by address or APN.

TitleFlex users with the Customer Center are able to access Customer Farms via the Saved Searches interface, providing an alternative method of accessing farms. Customer farms can be accessed either via the Customer Center or the Saved Searches modal.


Building Search Lists from Multiple Unique Addresses and APNs
To quickly order property reports for multiple properties at a time, build a hand-picked mailing list, or export a file or multi-property report, users build search results using multiple unique addresses or APNs. 

A new featured added to the basic search enables users to select individual properties off the type-ahead, which has become a pick list. Clicking the + adds the property to the Search Results list. Additional properties can be added until the desired list is created. 


available for Address and APN searches, and the two search types can be combined into one search result list. Advanced Search filters can then be applied to further refine the search. 

PACE Lien Report 

We recently launched the Property Assessment Clean Energy (PACE) Report, which highlights the financing activity for PACE liens placed on a property. The report also displays any open PACE liens, as well as historical liens that have since been closed.


PACE Lien Advanced Search Filters
We have added three new premium filters to Advanced Search to facilitate identification of properties with an open PACE lien. Properties can be searched by PACE Loan Type, PACE Loan Recording Date and PACE Loan Amount. PACE Financing filters are available for properties located in California, and will expand to other states as PACE lien data is made available. 


PACE Lien filters are Premium Filters, which means there is a charge applied to each search result returned when the filters are used. If you are interested in gaining access to these filters, please contact your Account Manager to be provisioned.  

PACE Lien Export Add-on Package
Receive up-to three open PACE liens associated with a property in the PACE Lien Export Add-on package; including loan type, program name, financed amount and 12 other fields pertaining to the PACE Lien. This package is also available for batch (match and append) orders in the Order Portal. 

Legal & Vesting Report
To ensure turn times of less than four hours, the new OCR Legal & Vesting report is created using an automated search and manual verification. To generate the report, TitleFlex logic is used to confirm the last transfer is an arms-length transaction (sale, foreclosure). If the logic does not meet the required criteria, you have the option to automatically cascade to an enhanced search using the existing manually keyed report functionality. The option to cascade is coming in October 2018. 

Coverage includes close to 1,200 counties, comprised of areas where DBS has transaction history and image coverage. The report is returned to the Order Portal as a PDF with the corresponding source documents. 


Other Notable Enhancements
• Reverse Mortgage option added to Abstractor Services
• Other Documents option added to Abstractor Services
• Appraisal District filter in Advanced Search enhanced to enable searching of districts
• Subject property address added to email subject line when reports are emailed 

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