TitleFlex Enhancements

June 26, 2019

Posted by Greg White on 6/27/19 12:00 AM

  • Key Enhancements

This release of TitleFlex® delivers the below key enhancement and additional notable enhancements:

Reverse Mortgage Information
A new mortgage type has been added to identify reverse mortgages in property reports and exported lists. The type has also been added to the Mortgage Type filter in Advanced Search.

Reverse mortgages appear in the Transaction History Report like this:


 Reverse mortgages appear in the Open Lien Report and TotalView Report like this:



To facilitate targeting of properties with reverse mortgages, the Mortgage Type filter in
Advanced Search has been updated with an additional type, called Reverse.

Why This is Important 
These enhancements give TitleFlex users the ability to search for properties with reverse mortgages, plus visibility to the presence of reverse mortgages on properties in reports and lists.
Other Notable Enhancements
  • • Latitude and Longitude have been added to the Location Information area of the Property Detail Report
  • • Administrators can now set maximum order volume limits at the user Group level
  • • Proximity Search can be set to default to either Miles or Feet in user Preferences
  • • Advanced Search Financing Information section has been renames Open lien Information for better clarity
  • • TitleFlex now has account configuration options that enable title companies to provide user accounts to external customers for 24x7 self-service

For additional information on this release, please contact the DataTrace Customer Success team at 800.221.2056 or customersuccess@datatracetitle.com.

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