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September 18, 2019 Release - School Reports & Opportunity Zones

Posted by Greg White on 9/20/19 4:09 PM


Key Enhancements

This release of TitleFlex® delivers the below two key enhancements, as well as other notable enhancements, which are listed below. 

• Schools Report
• Opportunity Zones (Filter, Map Layer and Export Field)

Schools Report

A New Schools Report is now available in TitleFlex. This new report features a graphical presentation of up-to three public schools assigned to the subject property, as well as a listing of nearby private schools.

Assigned public elementary, middle and high schools are displayed with details such as grades served, number of students, state test score rankings and demographic information.

  • Why This Is Important

    Public school attendance assignments are a major driver of property value in many areas. A home that lies within the attendance boundary of a strong school carries a higher value than an identical home in a weaker school’s attendance boundary.

    • The new Schools Report in TitleFlex is superior to similar reports in other property information solutions for two key reasons:
    • 1. Public school assignments are specified, whereas competitive schools reports show nearby schools with no regard to which public school the property is assigned.
    • 2. The new Schools Report is designed with an attractive and insightful graphical presentation, which increases the perceived credibility and quality of the title company serving the report.


  • Opportunity Zones

  • oportunity-zones-near-disneyland-3br-2baTitleFlex now supports searching for properties in Opportunity Zones with three new features:
  • 1. Advanced Search – A new Opportunity Zone filter has been added to target properties in opportunity zones.
    • 2. Map – A new layer has been added to visually display opportunity zones on the map.
    • 3. Export – A new field has been added to the Property Characteristics and Property Detail Export packages to indicate whether each property lies within an opportunity zone.
  • The screen shot above shows the Opportunity Zones near Disneyland in green,
    along with pins on the three-bedroom single family residences in those zones.

  • Why This Is Important

    Opportunity zones are specially-designated census tracts in which the Federal government offers tax incentives for investment. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 included an incentive for investment in economically-distressed areas in all 50 states. Investments in properties in these areas receive tax incentives that increase the longer the property is held.

    Title customer service teams can now deliver greater value to investors by providing lists of properties in opportunity zones. Also, investors who own many properties can get an inventory of their properties that lie within opportunity zones, for which they would be eligible for tax deferrals.

    Clicking on the Save Search link on the search results tab enables the search to be saved to a folder. 

     Other Notable Enhancements
    • Enhanced owner mailing names for trust-owned properties
    • Subject property parcel outline highlighted on map
    • Off market option added to Listing Status filter in Advanced Search
    • Management company fields added to the HOA Contact Export package

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