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TitleFlex is the all-in-one solution for title companies

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TitleFlex combines farm building, property profile generation and customer service in a single tool.

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Explore data that spans 100% of the U.S. housing stock and includes over 7 billion document images.

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TitleFlex is easy to use and powerful. Search the way you want to work, with all search options right in front of you.

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Run parallel searches, nationwide searches and more, to deliver information to your customers faster.

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Build loyal customers with custom-branded property profiles and targeted farms produced with ease.

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Put our ever-growing database of real estate data to work for your business. Gain easy, online access via or we can create a custom data solution to match your specific data and delivery needs.

Property Ownership Data
Deeds, Mortgages & Foreclosures
Assignments &
Lien Releases
Homeowner Association Information
Map & Parcel Boundaries

Plus, gain access to over 8 billion recorded document images and 1.6 million active real estate listings.

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