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The TitleFlex API ‐ a JSON based real estate API ‐ provides the power and convenience of an instant connection between your business to TitleFlex’s nationwide database of property information, property report data, AVM and recorded document images.

Use a Simple UI to Customize the Data Selected for Your
API Connection

You can easily create the perfectly tailored export package using the simple, powerful order export tool within TitleFlex.com
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The Real Estate Data to Fuel Your Business Goals

Access the data relating to properties including address, ownership, property characteristics, tax information, foreclosure activity, open liens and more.

More than Property Data. Unique Real Estate Insight for Your Business.

With the TitleFlex-API, you’ll also have access to homeowner association data (HOA), including contact information as well as HOA Liens. Plus, get PACE Lien data - for intelligence on properties primed for clean energy upgrades and financing.
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Perfectly Packaged Property Report Data Delivered on Demand

When you need the data contained in property reports, the TitleFlex API delivers the data. Reports including TotalView, Legal and Vesting, Title Chain & Lien and so many more!

Recorded Documents and Maps Too!

Complete your real estate insight view with a direct link to recorded documents including Last Transfer and Last Finance, as well as Assessor Maps. You can also search specific documents by their recorded document ID.
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TitleFlex API icon Obtaining A Property Valuation

Obtaining A Property Valuation Doesn’t Get Any Faster or Easier

With the TitleFlex AVM and API - you will be able to accurately value a property or portfolio.

A Never Ending Source of Real Estate Data, Documents & Reports

Data and documents are added daily as new transactions occur and new documents are recorded. You can always be confident that the TitleFlex API is delivering data that is always current.
TitleFlex API icon A Never Ending Source of Real-Estate

Experience the data and insight the TitleFlex API will provide to your business with a Free Trial that includes 1,000 Transaction Per Day!