TitleFlex™ provides the best, most updated, and targeted farms to enable your customers to get more listings. With direct access to the best data source in the industry, and the ability to create innovative strategies, TitleFlex supports your customer’s growth.

Enable Your Customers' Growth

TitleFlex is uniquely positioned to help you enable your customers to get more listings. The platform offers access to the most comprehensive data source in the industry, allowing you and your customers to collaborate around the most intuitive, predictive, and proactive farm building solution on the market.

The Strongest Data Foundation in the Industry

# of
% of
Market Position
Assessor/Property Ownership
in every metric that matters
Proprietary Title Plants
Deeds, Mortgages & Foreclosures
Assignments, Releases, & Pre-Foreclosures
Parcel Boundaries
Homeowner Associations
Active Real Estate Listings
Recorded Document Images

#1 market position in every metric that matters.

8+ Billion Recorded Document Images.

Specialty Searches

TitleFlex's specialty searches simplify farm building with our extensive title industry experience. These user-friendly searches provide an effortless experience using farm alerts and are easily customizable to fine-tune growth strategies.


Find investors who purchase properties, fix them up, and quickly resell


High Equity

Find properties and owners that have a propensity to sell due to a high equity position


Aged Rentals

Find rental investors that are about to sell a current property and purchase another


Empty Nesters

Find owners closer to retirement who are interested in downsizing


Move-Up Buyers

Find owners who have likely outgrown their current home and are ready for a larger home

Drive Your Customers' Growth

Drive your customer’s growth with easy access to everything they need to succeed in the evolving real estate market. For example, you can help your customers keep their strategies on track with farm alerts, which send automatic notifications when there is propensity to sell activity within their farms.

  • Identify property owners who are likely to buy and sell by using pre-defined specialty searches
  • Find qualified borrowers and expand into new markets with hyper-segmented lists
  • Uncover new-to-market opportunities with real-time property alerts on saved searches
  • Market statistics and premium property data reports
  • Property owner contact data for fast, efficient outreach

Did you know?

With TitleFlex you can quickly uncover HOA liens and contact information, including Lien Amount, Recording Date, Trustee Name, and HOA Contact Information.

More Efficient, Effective Prospecting

TitleFlex creates efficiency by making it easy to collaborate, build, share, and prospect farms. With features such as specialty searches, saved searches, and 100+ filters, TitleFlex delivers real-time proactive alerts that bring opportunities to your customers. This focused approach to prospecting helps grow your customers’ marketing ROI.

  • Build intuitive, innovative farms with step-by-step collaboration and multiple sharing options
  • Quickly access property reports, market statistics, and convenient payment options for restricted reports
  • Create hyper-targeted farms with advanced search, saved searches, and enhanced filtering
  • Save time with one-click access to frequently used searches

Did you know?

You and your customer can locate difficult-to-find documents with FlexSearch®, which instantly searches billions of recorded documents, such as deeds, judgments, liens, and releases, for any name or phrase.

icon-grow We Make It Easier for You to Grow Your Business

We provide you with experts tailored to your specific onboarding, training, support, and business needs. Whether it's training you to build and share farms, working with our data experts to identify new opportunities for your customers, or educating your team on how to make the most of TitleFlex, we will be right by your side inspiring creativity and efficiency to help you and your customer create success.