Get the Complete View of a Property with TotalView

Discover the one property report that provides all the decision making data you may need, including property, ownership, encumbrance and market information. You’ll also find real time property tax, HOA data and other information not available in any other property report on the market.


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Discover the Full Property Picture in One Report

TotalView enables you to instantly gain a complete view of property, ownership and
encumbrance information, in one automated report.


View the Latest Ownership and Property Status, Right Up Front 

TotalView is logically organized to help you instantly capture the pertinent details you need to know now:
including current ownership and vesting, last market sale and listing and foreclosure status.

Quickly Identify Open Liens and Position, Transfers & Loan History

TotalView makes it easy to find and review the open and closed liens on a property as well as the associated lien position (e.g., 1st, 2nd or 3rd mortgage). You can also review loan history and transfers for the current owner.

Discover the Latest Tax Status, Including Assessment Detail

With TotalView, you’ll quickly determine whether the taxes have been paid for a property, what the amounts are, and when taxes are due. You’ll also discover assessment details, including any Mello-Roos tax amounts.

Gain Exclusive HOA Information on a Property

TotalView offers exclusive access to HOA information, so you can quickly determine if a property is in an association (HOA), view the contact information, and determine fees and payment frequency.

TotalView draws from HOA data that represents an estimated 90% of all homes in an association.


Identify Involuntary Liens for Ownership Insight

TotalView displays involuntary liens for additional information on the property and owner. When present, you’ll find mechanic’s liens for property improvements, HOA liens for unpaid fees, federal, state, county and city liens, and more.

Involuntary Screens Map

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